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Android + 5.0

Whisper machine Sci-Fi Nordic Noir telling the story of Vera, a cybernetically enhanced special agent tasked with investigating a series of murders. These brutal killings hide the ominous truth, as Vera soon finds connections with a group of fanatics committed to creating an AI superintelligence – persecution that has been banned for almost a century.

Difficult things, a great loss from the past of Faith returns to haunt her, forcing her to question her own sanity and all that she stands for.

As an agent of the Central Bureau, Vera is equipped with an advanced nanostructure called Blue. This rare and sought-after technology allows her to develop superhuman abilities adapted to her psychological thinking.

Choose your style of play and use these add-ons to explore, collect information and solve puzzles with several solutions.

Will the unique combination of the skills and intuition of the Faith be enough to solve the case, or will she find herself more ambiguous than it seemed? In this emotionally exciting story with existential twists and multiple endings, the actions of the Faith will have enormous consequences not only for her, but for all of humanity …

    Will Vera approach situations with a more sensitive, analytical or assertive style? Your choice will affect its additions and subsequent solutions to the puzzle.
    Immerse yourself in the conscious world of beautiful hand-drawn graphic design and superb settings influenced by the Nordic countries.
    A revolutionary article by experienced developers on the point and click adventure game genre.
    4000+ lines of dialogue with full English voice acting, directed by Dave Gilbert of Wadjet Eye Games.


• Improved tips for two puzzles attached to the museum.
• The player no longer receives two copies of a specific key, which leads to various possible failures.
• Fixed two cases of Faith stuck in some places and inability to move.
• The identified intruder will no longer be detected using a bioanalyzer after leaving the room with some graphics settings.
• Disconnected a potentially confusing, permanent response from Vera when searching for objects.
• Various improvements and French translation settings.


  1. APK install it on your device.
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  3. Enter the game.