Why You Should Avoid Pirated or Cracked/Nulled Software/Plugin

That software might be free, but what is it going to cost you in future computer repairs and computer support? Read this article to find out why to avoid it.

More often than not, we all will hear about someone who has access to a cracked or pirated copy of software. If you have spent any time in Asia, you will know how easy they are to buy. Modern and sophisticated software comes with a range of features, including a range of online and live help desk and computer support. Trying to avoid the cost of a software package may end up costing you a lot more in the long run. Here is a list of reasons why you should avoid pirated and ‘fake’ software at all cost.

It is illegal:

While we all know pirated software is illegal, not many of us think we will ever get in trouble for it. This is not always the case anymore. There are more cases, especially in the US and the UK, where people are finding lawyers or police knocking at their door. Everything you download can be tracked, and more software developers are putting flags inside their software so they know whether your application is licensed or not. You might find yourself in very hot water over a small application you downloaded for free on the Internet.

Do you know what you are downloading?

Software that appears to be one thing, and is actually malware designed to infect your machine is very common. You download what you think is an excellent free copy of some expensive software, only to find it did not work. You have probably infected your computer with some malware, and it is now opened up for attack or is regularly communicating with cyber criminals without your knowledge. You are lucky if it only damages your computer ending in your need for the help of computer repairs professionals. With such high risk of identity theft, this must be more of a reason than the hefty fines or jail time you can get from owning pirated software.

You don’t get any support.

If there is a problem with your application, you won’t have anyone to turn to. More and more, applications require more dedicated online support or other help desk tools. Your software does not have any warranty and basically, if something goes wrong, you have no one you can talk to. Further to that, more software applications, such as WhiteSmoke, actually need to communicate with their host server to work properly each time you use them. Without the software license, you are essentially using a dead copy.

Trial versions are available.

In most cases, you can try before you buy a piece of software. 14 – 30 days is a substantial amount of time. You will know in this period of time if the piece of software is worth the money they are asking. If you are not happy with the price, you don’t have to buy it. This kind of market pressure has caused a real decrease in software and application prices. If the application is that good, we will buy it. It takes a lot to have software that commands a price. There are so many applications fighting for space on the marketplace, many of them are for free for a number of years. Software that has a price tag has that price tag for a genuine reason.

If these 5 reasons have not deterred you enough, all you can expect is trouble from your applications at any time. You will find they no longer work, or they no longer work as they intended, and in the worst-case situations, they really mess up your computer. They could even destroy you’re your hard drive after they have allowed criminals access to all your online banking and other online accounts. At this point, your computer is totally destroyed and every detail of your life has been stolen. It sounds extreme, but it happens a lot more than you think.