Wifi Analyzer-Wifi tools (Home Wifi Alert) pro v14.15 APK [Latest]

Home Wifi Alert

Home Wifi Alert

Home Wifi Alert – Wifi Analyzer has been named one of the most impressive Wi-Fi / network analyzers on Google Play. Carefully protect your WiFi and increase your connection speed with a wide range of network utilities and tools. This application is required for a wide range of users, from beginners to IT professionals and experienced network administrators.

How it works?

✓ With a single touch, it quickly scans your home network and identifies all wired and wireless devices that use an Internet connection.

✓ After scanning, you can see everyone connected to your Wi-Fi in a clean, short list and instantly discover if any unwanted devices are connected. Create your own trusted network using this application by creating a trusted list of devices that are welcome online.

✓ The application also displays technical data for each device, including IP address, host name, MAC address and manufacturer name. All this information is available to you for devices that are currently connected to your network. If you see an unwanted user, you can click the BLOCK button to enter the MAC address in the Mac filtering table on the router to stop using it on the Internet.

✓ The application also displays your access point and the channel on which your router is running, and shows how many neighbors are on the same channel. The channel rating page will indicate which channel will be your best option to move in order to get the best results and faster internet speed.

■■ Features ■■

• Network analyzer:
– Displays IP addresses, MAC addresses, display names, access point to which you are connected, and allows you to customize images / icons and edit display names.

• Wi-Fi power:
-Wifi tester that shows Wifi signal strength! Also shows if you are connected to the Internet, and if your router displays a public IP address.

• Scan access point:
-Displays all access points to the router that are within reach, their MAC address, the channel they use and the signal level in dB.

• Access Point Charts:
-Displays the current channel on which your router works, and displays the number of neighbors on one channel. The channel rating page will indicate which channel will be your best option for adjusting the speed and reliability of your Wi-Fi.

• Connections:
-Displays ALL connections that are currently connected through your device. It displays established external connections, IP listening, and closed connections. Each set IP address is checked against 35 databases in the blacklist and shows if these IPs are trusted or known threats!

• Lock:
– The most useful / unique feature on this Wi-Fi analyzer / network analyzer. Brings you to the web interface of your device so that you can log in and enter an undesirable MAC address in the router's filter table to block the device from using the Internet.

• Network analyzer tools! On the Tools tab, the application can provide DNS lookups, Whois data, host names for ping / port checking and FQDN scanning, as well as traceroute!

* Added Data Strength tab showing network type and network speed data

Protect yourself
Crowded Wi-Fi channels and unreliable (Wi-Fi theft) devices slow down your Internet connection and put a strain on your Wi-Fi! Do not overpay for a higher Internet speed and do not suffer because of a slow connection, take responsibility and stop the theft of Wi-Fi and select the best wireless channel to work with Home Wifi Alert – Wi-Fi analyzer.

■■ What's new ■■

– Built-in link on the lock page to give users their own router passwords!
– Added 2 more icons
– Added backlist tab in tools (now check any IP / FQDN)
– Testing the main interface
– Added star rating button (please leave feedback)

This application has no ads.

Requirements: 4.0.3 and higher

Download links: –

Analyzer Wi-Fi-Tools Wi-Fi (Home Wifi Alert) pro v14.15 Apk

Wifi Analyzer-Wifi tools (Home Wifi Alert) Pro v14.14 APK

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