Windows Repair 4.4.5 PRO + Portable [2018]

Recovery Windows 4 Download Full

Repair Windows 4 is a compact tool that fixes most Windows problems, such as registry errors, file access permissions, or problems with Windows Update, Windows Firewall, Internet Explorer, etc. Malware and installed programs change only the default settings, but the original ones Windows settings will be restored. with repair windows. If you use Windows Repair, you just have to have Clean Boot! Often a program running on a system can interfere with repair or even get involved with it. With a clean boot, third-party programs will not run, reducing the number of processes to 45 or less.

The result is multiple – there is no other program interfering with the restoration, and there are more system resources for repair, and repair work will be completed faster, as the processor, memory and hard disk are not under the same load as they are if all other programs were still working.

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Features of Windows Repair 4 Full

Repair Windows can do the following:

  • Reset registry permissions
  • Reset file permissions
  • Register system files
  • WMI Repair
  • Restore Windows Firewall
  • Repair Internet Explorer
  • Repair MDAC and MS Jet
  • Restore Hosts File
  • Remove infection policy
  • Repair Icons
  • Winsock and DNS Cache Recovery
  • Delete temporary files
  • Restore proxy settings
  • Show non-system files
  • Restore Windows Update
  • CD / DVD repair missing / not working
  • and more
Title: Tweaking Windows Repair PRO (all in one) v4.4.5
License: Shareware
English language
OS: Windows

Download Windows Repair 2018 Full for PC

Repair Windows PRO 4.4.5 | File size: 37 MB
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Portable Windows Repair PRO 4.0.1 | File size: 35 MB
| Direct link | Userscloud

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