WW2: Wings Of Duty


WW2: Wings Of Duty

Experience the famous air battles of the Second World War.

WW2: Wings of Duty provides realistic simulation experience of combat flights on mobile platforms with realistic 360-degree cabs, work in an aircraft carrier mode, multiplayer battle, arcade / historical / realistic modes, and much more …

Features Midway, Pearl Harbor, Guadalcanal and New Guinea map, as well as the new theater of Europe.


* P-35 Seversky
* P-40 Warhawk
* P-39 Airacobra
* P-38 Lightning
* P-47 lightning strike

* F-4U
* F4F Wildcat
* F6F Hellcat
* SBD Fearless

* Hudson MK-1
* B-25
* B-26

* A5M4 Claude
* Ki-43 Oscar
* Ki-61 Hien
* A6M2 Zero
* B5N1

* BF109E
* JU-87 Stuka

* Spitfire Mk-1
* Hampden Mk-1

Soon there will be more aircraft …


Fixed a bug due to which the map of Stalingrad was not loaded
Add La-5, La-7, Yak-9 and IL-10
Reduce the effect of blocking the control surface at high speed
Fixed bug of normal graphics of antenna cable Yak1b
Add a runway for the Battle of Stalingrad
Add a national anthem for each country
Compass bug fixed on Stuka, Kitty Hawk, Yak-1
Fixed left fire button in il2 and yak
Add extra airspeed for P-38 (beta)
Fixed engine shutdown at startup
Fixed weapon reloading bug
Add all destructible buildings on Midway Island
Add gravity bullets


  1. APK install it on your device.
  2. "com.phanotek.wingsofdutyFolder "android / STBCopy to.
  3. Enter the game.


Get any gold coins to block 9252 gold, the game has a caption mechanism, please do not consume too much gold at the same time. A single use within 3000 is recommended.

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