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The new Norton File Commander, WinNc 6 has been developed specifically for windows 7 and 8. If you have an older version of windows there’s no need to worry, this software program was developed with multiple compatibility features. With this file manager program you’ll have total control over all of your software files.

Customized Task Queuing

The Newest WinNc 6.0 download software allows you to set your own Queues. This allows you to assign task, you can have this program do a single task or multiple at one time. As tasks are completing others from your queue list will be started in order. With Queuing capabilities you have the freedom to create program workloads and then leave knowing that the program will continue to perform task without being prompted.

WinNc 6Built In Media Player
The built in media player that comes in WinNc 6.0 allows users to browse media quickly. You can listen to audio files or view video files through the software program. This is an efficient way to locate exact files so that you can perform file management actions. By quickly finding file locations you can set up performing tasks, which will allow you to copy, move and pack individual files.

The Top WinNc 6.0 Features

1. Task Color Coordination – Each performed task has a specific color assigned to it.
2. Backup Management Capabilities – Comes with a built in burner to backup important files.
3. Compression Tools – Easily compress and decompress computer files as needed.
4. Link Creation – Create shortcuts and links in window tabs for quick access.
5. User Friendly Interface – works with drag and drop technology and has easy drop down menus.
6. Added Security Tools – Ability to assign admin rights.
7. Theme Creation Tools – Allows users to create customized themes.
8. Customized Filters – Tools available to create filters designed by users.
9. Web Based Validation – Designed to validate serial numbers online.


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