Word Breaker Full 6.3.4 Apk for Android – Is Here!

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Added DateJuly, 2019


Word Breaker, the popular assistant in the game since 2011!

In addition to the ability to create words, Word Breaker is also a tool for learning and optimization. Learn how to develop strategies using Board Solver, learn how to get multiple crosswords in one game, and always have an idea of ​​what tiles to play. You can also use it for everyday tasks, puzzles, and anagrams. Word Breaker was even used in the classroom to teach English – something that we consider just awesome!

– Lightning fast!
– When importing screenshots, your game board is read directly to Board Solver! Easily check which words you missed using this powerful feature.
– Even better! Classic solver mode can work with anything! Try it with blinkers, crosswords, executioner and more.
– Our original and still innovative Ghost mode allows you to take a look at the game below!
– Local dictionary! You never need to be online to use Word Breaker. Download your favorite dictionaries and take them with you on the road! Also, like everything else, dictionaries are free!
– Track what's left in your bag! Our exclusive “Remaining Tiles” screen will help you predict which letters you will get next!
– Supports wildcard characters and empty tiles! Moreover, you can easily tell Word Breaker what layout and patterns to look for.
– Highly customizable, including filters for word length!
– Seven languages ​​are available, including English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese!

★ How to take a screenshot:
– Press and hold "Volume Down" and "Power" for one full second.
– On some phones this is a combination of “Home” and “Power”.

★ Having trouble importing screenshots?
1) Zoom out completely before taking a screenshot. This way, the entire board is visible and Word Breaker can scan each tile correctly.
2) Make sure all your gaming tiles are on the rack, not on the playing field. This ensures that the results you get are valid.
3) Make sure that nothing interferes with the game. Facebook chat heads, application bars, and pop-up notification windows can interfere with Word Breaker.


Minor fixes.