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Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 16 Full Download

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 16 available for free download from our software library. This is the perfect choice of software for all your photography and graphic design work, with powerful photo editing and enhancement features, as well as truly flexible tools for illustration and design.

  • It allows you to create amazing things with photos, includes a truly intuitive vector drawing tools and advanced text processing – all in a single integrated environment.
  • Photo processing in Xara Photo & Graphic Designer outperforms other graphics programs in many ways. It is much, much faster, creates smaller files, and it is not destructive. This makes the perfect tool for photo composition.
  • Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 16 is also unique in that it processes and stores photos, which means that files containing photos can be 3-100 times smaller than in other programs.

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer Full Version

Features Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 16

Revolutionary photo processing

  • Photo processing in Photo & Graphic Designer surpasses other graphic programs in many areas.

Fast non-invasive photo processing

  • Photo & Graphic Designer 16 photo processing is superior to other graphics programs in many ways. It is much, much faster, creates smaller files, and it is not destructive. This makes the perfect tool for photo composition.
  • Photo & Graphic Designer offers fully non-destructive photo editing (which means that you can edit your photo as many times as you like, without loss of quality, which is normal in other photo programs), and uses a part of the RAM required by other products. It can easily handle multiple images with very high resolution even on a modest PC.
  • Photo & Graphic Designer 16 is also unique in that it processes and stores photos, which means that files containing photos can be 3-100 times smaller than in other programs.

Integrated Photo Tool

  • Photo & Graphic Designer 16 includes a revolutionary integrated, ultra-fast, non-destructive photo editing tool. It offers both automatic real-time photo enhancement and manual control (brightness, contrast, sharpness, blur, saturation, temperature, and a new cross process), as well as scaling and rotating in real time even in very high resolution images. Other features include flexible cropping, red-eye removal, advanced shadow and light and brightness control, and perspective correction.
  • Combine this with features such as vector masking, layer blending, feathering — all in a non-destructive and effective way of memory — and you have something no other photo tool can offer.

Advanced Photo Manipulation

  • Powerful photo tools can make almost wonderful changes and enhancements to your photos!
  • The Photo Healing and Magic Erase tools allow you to quickly and easily completely remove unwanted objects from your photo, so you will never know that they were there! See some examples
  • Xara Photo & Graphic Designer includes a new magnetic lasso for quickly and easily cutting out any object in your photo. Or for images with complex contours (for example, human hair) there is the Background Erase tool. See some examples of Background Erase
  • The Color Enhance control is another powerful photo tool. It is incredibly quick and easy to perform any enhancement operation — for example, changing brightness, contrast, or color — based on the selected color in your image. See some examples of Color Select & Enhance

Creative effects

  • Photo & Graphic Designer includes more than 60 creative “Live Effects” plugins that can transform both photos and vector drawings (they are called “Live Effects”, as the object remains editable even after the effect is applied). Effects include oil painting, pencil and pencil drawing, crumple, fisheye, waves, “liquid paint” to create caricatures, and much, much more.
  • Most modern Adobe Photoshop® plugins work as live effects, giving you access to a huge number of free and commercial plugins to create effects that will take you a lifetime to learn.
  • The content catalog also includes almost 30 pre-made photo filter presets, which you can simply drag and drop onto the photo to create popular effects and moods, such as summer, vintage, and exposure. See some examples.
  • In addition, there is an Effect Painter and flexible mask and area tools that allow you to enhance or apply effects to selected areas of a photo.

Panorama photos

  • Perhaps the easiest to use Panorama Maker. Drag a series of photos onto a page, click one button, and you will get a perfect, seamless, unified panoramic image.

See examples of Panorama

  • Intellectual scaling
  • Photo Tool includes an innovative, intelligent image scaling technology that allows you to “scale content with content”, which means that images can be stretched or compressed while maintaining the proportions of important parts of the image.
  • This can provide an almost miraculous ability to stretch and change the proportions of photos without visible distortion of the contents of the photo.
  • There is also “content scaling,” which works in the same way, but allows you to change the size of an object that is the center of interest, without increasing the size of the entire image.

Bitmap tracer

  • Powerful raster image tracking tool Photo & Graphic Designer can convert your raster images — usually photos, line art or logos — into editable vector shapes.

All the creative tools you need.

  • Photo & Graphic Designer 16 offers all the tools a creative designer may need for illustration and text processing.

Drawing tools

  • Photo & Graphic Designer is the main tool of many illustrators and includes a set of powerful, but really easy to use tools for drawing and editing vector lines and shapes.
  • Quickshape tools (rectangle, circle, etc.) Allow you to quickly and easily draw predefined shapes. Editing shapes and lines is easy, and the freehand line drawing tool even offers a slider for retroactive anti-aliasing after you have drawn your line. There is also support for pressure-sensitive tablets.
  • The powerful Shape Eraser and Shaper Builder tools make it easy to erase or create an image using a brush-like action, be it vector graphics or photography.

Extended text processing

  • Photo & Graphic Designer offers everything you need to add creative text to your design.
  • The Text tool allows you to enter as many text lines as you want, anywhere in the document and at any angle, and you can also set text along a curved path. In addition, like any drawn object in Photo & Graphic Designer, you can freely resize it on the page and apply any effects, such as transparency, fill, forms, etc., and yet the text remains editable.
  • As with any word processing program, you have full control over text styles, including the font (with 600+ Google fonts embedded and 1500+ Font Awesome / Google Material Design symbols and symbols), color, alignment, line spacing, kerning, and so on. D.

3D Extrude

  • The fastest, sleekest, and high-quality vector 3D drawing tool.
  • Take any shape and just drag it onto your face to create a beautifully lit and shaded 3D version. Drag along the sides to increase the extrusion depth. It could not be easier
Title: Xara Photo & Graphic Designer v16.1.0.56164
Developer: Xara Group Ltd.
License: Shareware
English language
OS: Windows

– You need a 64-bit version for the following operating systems:
– Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
– Processor: 700 MHz, RAM: 512 MB
– Video card: built-in, minimum resolution 1280 x 600
– Hard disk space: 300 MB to install the program

Download Xara Photo & Graphic Designer for PC

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