Zoolax Nights: Fat Evil Clowns
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Zoolax Nights: Fat Evil Clowns

Survive 6 nights in an antique Zoolax shop: (No ads + Higher resolution + Better gameplay and advanced clown AI)
Welcome to the Zoolax Inc. family. as a new night guard. Zoolax Inc. just bought a creepy antique store as an extra investment. You need to meet the darkness to escape the nightmare.
In the antique shop came the infamous ancient dolls, known as evil clowns. You need to keep an eye on security cameras to survive not only for five nights, but also six dark nights, faced with night-time puzzles and problems at the antique Zoolax shop. Evil clowns are cursed by the terrible and mysterious magical forces of darkness. They like to hide at night and change places. They will make your life an epic nightmare. Therefore, you must control them and follow company instructions to protect yourself. There are two sets of surveillance cameras: ground level and sewage level. Every night you will be faced with a new ordeal, while evil clowns crawl around. Scientists from Zoolax work around the clock to uncover the secrets of these damned clowns. It will be a frightening and terrifying experience. Every night, the Zoolax CEO will give you precise instructions to bring this survival game to life. Stunning graphics and visual effects make this game terrible. Visual / sound effects create a new level of fear and horror. You will get goosebumps from fear.
3D character design and animation enliven the game. The original music soundtrack will make everything more creepy. Recommend this special Halloween game to your friends and family.
Languages: Russian, English, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, German, Indonesian, Suomi, 日本語,
You can open a terrible bonus chapter for free.
You can take a selfie or a photo of your friend with Evil Clowns and share them.
In any case, have fun and watch the crazy clowns not only five, but six nights.
You will experience a new level of fear.
With this game you will have a really creepy Halloween experience.
You will feel creeping horror at every turn and moment of this horror game.
I wish you all success against these crazy clowns and scary Halloween.
By the way, the scary characters are Pogi, Logi and Sally. There is also a creepy pig-like monster.
So watch them when they move from one place to another.


Thermo Bug: fixed


  1. APK install it on your device.
  2. "com.zoolax.evilclownsfullFolder "android / STBCopy to.
  3. Enter the game.
Zoolax Nights: Evil Clowns Full Apk