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Ccleaner serial key fully Optimize PC

Ccleaner Serial is a powerful registry and system cleaner. Fast and easy to download or run separately, it can optimize a PCs performance and remove any junk files. It will support most apps and 64 bit operating systems. The software also gives users installation and registry cleaning options.

Free, Fast and Easy to Use

ccleaner serial key is free to download and takes up only 5 MB of hard drive space. The interface is easy to navigate, with the software’s tabs clearly displayed. Users can choose from two different download options, with one offering Google Chrome. CCleaner 2014 works easily with Windows and Vista operation systems and installs in only a few seconds.

Clean PC Registry and Systems

This free to download software clearly displays four different functions. ccleaner serial key can clean registry files, remove outdated programs and keys. The “Tools” tab helps users uninstall programs, view files, and even clean the registry’s search history. Empty recycle bins, and erase all of the system’s past browsing history. CCleaner will even create a backup file before starting any scan.

Ccleaner Serial key Features

The software is free to download and easy to use. It will remove unwanted cookies, find multiples of the same file, and remove any old or outdated programs. Some of the key features of ccleaner serial key include;

1. Small 5 MB download takes up very little room on the hard drive.
2. Two downloading options, one with the ability to install Google Chrome.
3. Will only remove cookies that aren’t needed and keeps the ones that are commonly used.
4. The software will support most Windows and Vista operating systems.
5. Includes four tabs for complete registry and system cleaning.
6. A backup file is always created before any programs are removed.
7. Will remove past internet browsing history and can wipe hard drives.
8. A complete history of updates can be viewed from the operating screen.

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By ChSb