EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard


EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUs Data Recovery software lets you recover almost any deleted file. Works with all Windows file systems, to quickly find and restore your missing files. The software lets user choose from three different recovery options, and is compatible with most memory storage devices.

Recover your Data

The EaseUS Data Recovery program lets users recovery any of their lost or deleted files in seconds. Choose from three options, including Deleted, Complete, or Partial Recovery. EaseUS Data Recovery can even find files that you thought were permanently deleted. Use the software with any Windows operating system and most dynamic disks.

Easy to Navigate

The software is easy to install and to operate, and a complete help guide is included. EaseUs Data Recovery will automatically search for any missing data. Easily find lost files on hard drives, USB Drives, and on other memory storage devices.

Outstanding Features of EaseUs Data Recovery

This software lets users quickly and easily find most of their missing or deleted files. Search hard drives, memory cards, and USB drives with EaseUS Data Recovery automatic functions. The program installs in seconds, and the simple interface is extremely easy to use. Other features include,

1. Is compatible with all Windows systems, including Windows 8.
2. EaseUS Data Recovery has a 1GB memory limit.
3. Can quickly find and display deleted files in automatic mode.
4. Three simple and fast data recovery options.
5. The software will also skip over any bad sectors, so scanning is even faster.
6. The data recovery software will work with hard and USB drives, along with most memory cards.
7. The program can quickly recover deleted or recycled files.
8. A large help manual is also included in the software.

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