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Inpage Urdu is powerful software that is used for publishing. This software supports all international languages and also a good number of local languages such as Kashmir, Arabic, Pashto and Urdu among many other languages. Inpage Urdu is easy to use software that offers you with an opportunity to utilize all these languages, whether you use the languages side by side, fully integrated or separately in your documents.
This software is based on Noorinastaliq font where it offers WYSIWYG display on nastaliq scripts. This capability allows you to lay out all your documents aesthetically, quickly and accurately. Since 1994when the software was introduced, it has been used extensively to make page layouts for magazines, newspapers and books. It has also been used to handle smaller tasks such as designing brochures, birthday cards, and wedding cards and so on Inpage software has amazing features to meet all your page layout needs.
System Requirements
Inpage Urdu supports different Microsoft operating systems such as windows XP, vista, windows 7 and windows 8. You are also required to have a 32bit or a 64bit operating system. It is also important to note that Inpage software will support all famous designing and graphic software, including CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop and also adobe illustrator.
Downloading the software
The most amazing thing about Inpage Urdu is that it is free software. The downloadable version has a memory size of 5.55MB. It is very easy to find the software online for examples just type the words âO InPage Urdu Software Free Download  on your search engine. Click on the download file button and once it is saved on your computer, just run the application and the software will be installed in your computer. If you need additional fonts, you can download them from the Internet. Remember that when you have this software installed on your computer, you do not have to keep on looking for updates as the software will be auto updating whenever you are connected to the Internet. Click Hereto buy inpage.

Features of Inpage Urdu software

1. It allows easy intermixing of languages.
2. It has an easy to use Microsoft windows interface which supports all Microsoft windows platforms.
3. It has the capability to handle all Perso Arabic scripts accurately, aesthetically and correctly.
4. It has the calligraphic style for handling of Nastaliq scripts with the use of Nastaliq fonts.
5. It has plenty of features to complement the page layout which includes text turnaround, pictures, text boxes, pages and other typographic controls.
6. It has a great end user support and the undying pursuit to improve its usability and functionality.
7. It allows you to wrap text around circular objects.
8. It allows rotation of pictures and picture boxes.
9. It allows grouping and also un grouping of objects.

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