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Windows 10 lite is one of the most widely used, most powerful and lightweight operating systems released by Microsoft. Download the latest version from Windows 10 lite ISO from 2017/2018 provides better PC performance. This is the full and final version from Windows 10 lite version from GhDownload is the best source of the latest software for free. GhDownload only provides standalone offline installer settings for free. You can get the product key from the official Microsoft website.

Windows 10 Lite x86 / x64 bit ISO download overview

This time Microsoft has purchased a number of amazing updates for Windows 10 lite. It includes annual free updates, creator updates, and some other important updates. All of these updates provide many cool features for this new operating system. For your information, this operating system has a new interface that is more brilliant than the previous version. You may also think of many hidden features and tricks from Windows 10 lite x64from.

If you want to enable dynamic locking, you must enable your PC via Bluetooth, then open the account by opening Settings in the Start menu and simply log in. Make sure the “Allow windows to detect you when you leave” option is checked. Now, when you use your phone to leave, your laptop will automatically lock. This is because of the Bluetooth connection between the laptop and the phone. Please note that this feature may be available in the Windows 10 lite creator update.

[Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile Free Download 32/64 Bit

You may have experience when you leave your office disk and pick up a cup of coffee but forget to lock your laptop. You don’t want your colleagues to check your laptop and find your personal data. In this case, Windows 10 gives you a cool feature with a new dynamic lock feature. Dynamic lock automatically locks your system when you are away. This is the Windows 10 lite you must like.

Now you can delete any unnecessary files you don’t need. Storage sense can help you clean up files that are useless. These may be temporary files. Sometimes you empty the recycle bin but it is annoying. So if you don’t want to clean up these files every time, then in this case, the sense of storage can help you. It automatically deletes your temporary files from the Recycle Bin that has been in existence for more than 30 days. This saves a lot of free space. Windows 10 lite improves productivity through an effective management system.

Another interesting feature is if you have a high-end Windows laptop with an SSD. You will occasionally encounter storage issues. In order to solve this problem for users, Windows 10 brings amazing storage management. To do this, simply go to Settings, find the storage options, and you’ll find all the drivers installed on your laptop or PC. Simply click on the driver to get specific details of any driver.

Free Download Windows 10 Lite Edition 32/64 bit

If your workplace is unavailable, you can receive a notification on your phone. All you have to do is install the Cortana app on your smartphone. You need to set up the Cortana app with the same Microsoft account you are logged into on your PC. Go to notifications and their missed calls, reminders and messages. Now, even if you are not there, you can reply directly from your smartphone.

If you are a late-night user of a laptop, your eyes may feel uncomfortable. That’s because of the blue light on the display. If you are a long-term user, it can be harmful. Microsoft has now found a solution for the night light. It automatically changes the color of the screen to make adjustments. If you want to use this feature, you must install the Windows 10 lite creator update on your PC.

You will be excited about the new version of the Windows 10 operating system. Look at the previous version, Windows 98 is very good, the window ME II is a bit too bad, Windows XP is very good, Windows Vista is not good, Windows 7 is great, Windows 8 is very painful, so if that mode continues to exist, then Windows 10 lite It should be great.

According to technical experts, Windows 10 lite will become the most popular operating system in the world. Microsoft is trying to move from people who need windows to choosing windows and love windows. So there is nothing to watch out for Windows 10 lite free downloads, we have all of the above reasons.

Why does Microsoft call this version the latest version of the Windows operating system, not because Windows has reached the end of its useful life, but continues. Windows regularly updates incrementally every day and is still improving. These changes may be a bigger change in Microsoft’s recent development.

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Windows 10 Lite Edition features

This operating system loads a lot of great features that are not found in most Windows 10 releases. Here are some important features you might want to know.

    • The most lightweight operating system.
    • Removed unimportant features.
    • Clean, awesome design.
    • Very fast and extra security.
    • Windows can be updated whenever a new update is released.
    • Support for multiple functions.
    • Powerful and fast Internet Explorer has more options and features.
  • Simple working environment and more.

Windows 10 lite version 2017

Windows 10 Lite download technical details

Operating system full name Windows 10 Lite
File size 2.0 GB (32 bit) / 3.0 GB (64 bit)
building 32-bit (x86) / 64-bit (x64)
Setting type Offline installer / standalone installer
Developer: Microsoft official
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Win 10 Pro System Requirements

Memory (RAM) At least 1 GB RAM is required
hard disk space Requires 6 GB of free space
processor 1 GHz processor or faster / Core 2 Duo or higher

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Direct download link to Windows 10 Lite Edition

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