Corel Draw X6 Graphics Suite


Corel Draw X6 Graphics Suite

Edit And Create With Corel Draw X6

With the Corel Draw X6, you can edit photos and create images quickly and easily. This affordable software lets you create websites and browse files, while also including several support features. Simple to download, Corel Draw X6 has everything you need to create and design visually stunning images.

Easy to Use and Powerful

The Corel Draw X6 is easy to install, and comes with several bonus programs. There are simply to many bonus features to download all at one time. Along with the powerful editing tools, a full instructional manual and video is also included. The versatile illustration program is not only easy to use, it has the power to help you create and edit photos and images. The more intelligently designed workspace makes it even easier to organize and manage your projects.

Create and Edit with Corel Draw X6

This software, gives users the ability to edit photos, and build creative websites. Chose from thousands of fonts and stock photos. Or use one of the versatile templates to help your images stand out. Other creative additions include over 10,000 fun and unique images and several different templates.

Outstanding Features of Corel Draw X6

Corel Draw X6 lets users build websites and edit photos and images. It is easy to use, and is extremely affordable. Other innovative features include,

1. Easy to use and affordable.
2. Has hundreds of different templates, patterns, frames for unique and stunning images.
3. Photo-Paint lets you easily and professionally edit photos, and can be used with CorelDraw.
4. The web site creator tool lets you build and design stunning websites.
5. Easily browse all graphic files with the software’s connect feature.
6. Power Trace and Capture features are also included for catching and converting images.
7. Extensive help guide and tutorial videos.
8. Large collection of unique stock photos.
9. Corel Draw X6 also includes several Open Type options.

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