How to earn 1 lakh per month? Hindi


1 lakh rupees earn Which path do you think is right? Maybe you have many ways in mind, but this is a legitimate way per month 1 lakh Maybe income?

You may be responsible, or because your never business ideas But today we will learn about some practical tips on earning, and you can earn them 1 lakh for each month.

In India, the salary of those employed in professional work ranges from 20,000 to 30,000 rupees, while those who work in the government have a little more.

To earn 1 lakh a month, you have the only easiest and best way to start your own business, and this is the only way to help you make money the simple way.

And before that, we were talking about 50 zero-investment business ideas that can help us start an online business. Here we will talk about some of these practical business ideas and find out.

How to earn 1 lakh per month? (Hindi)

earn 1 lakh per month

Internet is the best for everyone
Marketplace, consultant, teacher, team or business partner. Who are without us
Asking questions gives us the answer to every question. Today, with the help of many people, millions of rupees
Earns every month, and many people only struggle, while all logos
Just like working on an idea.

In this case, if you really get 1 lakh a month, earn
If you need to do, then you must first explain that the business you are going to do is
What needs to be done to make the idea successful? And the reason for his failure
Can it? Only then will you implement the business ideas described here.
change in the car.

1) Write a book:

When they talk about a successful source of income, this is considered to be a praise for writing and publishing books: many people in the world have become billionaires by writing a book, one of which is Harry Potter author JK Rowling,

If you have good information in any area
This way you can write a book yourself and publish it. This is for you
A lifetime income source can be created as long as your book is purchased on the market.
Until then, the money will continue to flow into your account.

How to write a book

It’s easy for a person who is a content author, journalist, researcher to book a book because he continues to do this work on a regular basis. But the impact on social networks, search engine optimizer, Yaoutuber Or is there any field where you don’t need content or need short content. Writing a book is not easy for them.

In this case, the person will need to make a plan for writing a book before he can make a tax on the books, linking your strategy, thought, after which he can earn millions of rupees by selling it. Here are some bestsellers who were told about proven book writing tips that everyone can write in their book by following the instructions.

  • The book is the most important time for writing time and space. What do you mean when and when you write a book? To write a book, you need to be calm and private, and with it the most important part of the book is written between 4 and 6 in the morning.
  • Before you start writing a book, prepare all the tools, case studies, images, index table, everything related to the subject.
  • Divide your complete draft letter into small pieces and set one timetable so that it can be written better-better with an example.
  • When writing a book, always think like a reader and write it down in your mind.
  • Seek help from an experienced writer or mentor if you need one at the time of this writing.

How to earn lakhs from a book? (as earn 1 lakh per month
from book

Book online publish? The answer to this question
You do not need to ask anyone. Book on the Internet before any topic
If you search in writing, you will find many platforms where you will find yourself
The book can be sold, some of them are popular platforms.

  • Amazon Kindle
  • Google Books

There are so many places where you can open your own free e-book store and order a book directly. Such as Instamojo

When publishing a book on the Internet
The fixed price should be saved, and accordingly, you can create a strategy for how much
By selling a logo, you can earn 1 lakh per month. Such as …

If your book is worth 100 rupees, then you earn 1 lakh
1000 people will have to sell the book, and, accordingly, they must create a marketing strategy such as
Organic promotion of books, promotion of books, paid promotion

2) Start a blog:

There is a question related to blogging, how do you tell your friend, family, that you are a blogger? About this, a pretty good article was published in shoutmehindi. But if your monthly income is 1 rupee, then maybe someone will ask you this question, what are you doing?

Maybe I get one rupee a month from blogs
If you are talking about earning, then you will not be able to apply and
India 90% of bloggers fail and barely 5,000 to 6,000 every month
RS make money.

The right reason for uncertainty is not the right information: if you have to earn 1 lakh a month from blogging, then you should be a good reader, you should be a good client only when you can succeed in blogging.

How to make a viral blog and earn 100,000 per month?

A blog is one of the ways to earn 1 lakh a month more than this, but to do this you need to create a better niche blog, which means creating a blog with better CPC and traffic.

To create a viral blog, you must first re-find the text.
Both the video and the report will show how the Themes work.
The most viral on the Internet.

  • According to the report you made, you need to analyze yourself to handle these issues.
  • Whatever is better, you can write posts and write for a long time, select this topic and keyword research and prepare a complete list of keywords.
  • For all keywords, the title was created for a regular post for at least 3-4 months, which is unique, accessible and optimized.
  • For each heading, write an article of at least 1000 words that must use an image, a table, and periods.
  • Share your post on a regular basis and post a guest on your blog, as well as increase the level of interaction on social networks.

If your advice follows
In 4-5 months of continuous work, your blog will start to gain good traffic and
The first 100 thousand / Month, 2000 thousand / Month and how you go to hard + smart work
Your blog will increase traffic.

When 500 thousand traffic comes to your blog per month, your blog turns up to $ 3, and you can easily earn about $ 1,500 per month (105,000 per month).

adsense payment receipt

Buy a good domain name and hosting

Write unique, high-quality and readable content.

Apply for Google Adsense

Bonus Tips

Follow these tips to make your blog better.

3) Become a youtuber:

YouTube today introduced some people at this stage.
This should not be in a dream every month because of YouTube
earn in the millions, some of which are popular Bhuvan Bam, Amit Badan

The risk of blogging on YouTube is less, and most importantly, do you know that there are people on the channel who are your audience? In this situation, if you set up a YouTube channel, you can do it on the best YouTube theme with a monthly earnings of 1 lakh.

How best to set up the channel, you will find all the information here.

AtoZ YouTube Channel Guide in Hindi

Youtube channel, video creation, thumbnail, keywords, description, tutorial

How to earn 1 rupee per month from YouTube?

YouTube’s revenue depends on the average channel performance on the channel’s life cycle? How long is the video viewed? And how many views on the channel every month?

If you have 3 million views every month on your channel, then you get $ 1 for $ 1000, that is, each month will bring $ 3 million to $ 1,500.

This calculation has been recalled to see many channels in the form of an income statement. In this case, if you need to earn 1 lakh a month from Youtube, you will have to bring on the channel at least 3 million views a month.

YouTube for 1000 earnings

Friends, 1 lakh per month earn For this it is the most unsurpassed and practical way. With which you earn thousands of logos. I hope you also liked these earnings tips, and one of them changed your lifestyle. Write a comment about how you felt these tips, and share it with friends.


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