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SStardock Start 8 Download tardock Start 8 For Start Menus And More.

With Stardock Start 8 users can add the Start button to any Windows 8 PC. Customize starting menus and move icons around. With the easy to install Stardock Start 8 program, users can return to their old starting screens without effecting the performance of their PC.

East to Install and Navigate.

Stardock Start 8  installs in seconds and will not slow down the performance and productivity of the Windows 8 systems. The setup wizard walks users through all of the steps, including the option of choosing either Windows 7 or 8 starting screens. Return the search bar to a favorite place and customize the starting icon, Stardock Start 8 does this and more.

Customize and Move.

Users who do not want the new Metro start menu can return to the Windows 7 starting menu with this easy download. Stardock Start 8 lets users customize their interface, including shortcut display. Move documents and folders back, and also return all your files to their Windows 7 locations. Users can even add personal images to any of their icons.

Amazing Features of Stardock Start 8.

Stardock Start 8  features the ability to return any Windows 8 starting menu back to the Windows 7 design. Move and customize icons and create a start button, or choose to customize the new metro screen. Other amazing features of the software include.

1. Fast and easy installation.
2. Will create a start button that is missing from Windows 8 PCs.
3. Users can customize either Windows 7 or 8 starting menus.
4. Customize, move, and replace icons, including the start button.
5. The software will even let users return the Search Bar to its original location.
6. Change the size and style of fonts, color, and sizes for all of the icons.
7. Users can even add their own custom images.
8. Create shortcuts for all your documents, folders and files.
9. Set up wizard will walk users through all of the steps.
10. The software finally gives users control over their starting menus.

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