YTD Video Downloader PRO


YTD Video Downloader PRO

Free Download YTD Video Downloader PRO 4

Digital Media downloading is fast and easy with the YTD Video Downloader Pro Version. This software program, gives you complete media freedom with a simplistic user interface. Capture and download any streaming video for later viewing. This pro version offers new features that are vastly improved past versions.

Multiple Device Compatibility
The YTD Video Downloader is compatible across several devices. You can enjoy playback on any of the Apple iPhone’s or iPad’s as well as many other Apple devices. Additionally, all Galaxies and blackberries have compatible with this program. This YTD software free download will work with the Kindle Fire, yet unfortunately not with the early Kindle versions.

Media Playback Freedom
One of the features that most people look for when trying to decide which software program is best, is playback capabilities. The YTD Video Downloader has a superior media player built in that’ll allow you to simultaneously download media files and watch videos. This feature is essential in terms of entertainment enjoyment, there’s no more waiting for downloads to complete.

Best YTD Video Downloader Pro Features

1. Multiple File Conversion – convert mp3, mp4, mov, avi and many more formats.
2. Numerous Download Slots – download multiple media files at the same time.
3. Dual Command Functions – allows you to download and convert with a single click.
4. Simplistic Interface – is designed to be user friendly and won’t require seeking support.
5. Add Free – Runs without displaying special offers.
6. Accelerated Download Speeds – ability to download media files up to 4X faster than previous versions.
7. Software Support – Offers email support for any user who needs additional help.

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