DVDFab 9 Free Download


DVDFab 9 Free Download

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DVDFab 9, a product from Fengtao Software Inc., is a multi-utility software that can write and copy DVDs, extract videos from Blu-Ray discs, convert videos to different formats and also act as a DVD player software. It is a direct successor to DVDFab 8, and can be installed alongside the previous version on any Windows or Mac system.
Overview of the product
DVDFab 9 retains most of the features of its previous entry. A simple GUI makes it easier to navigate through the multitude of options that are available. Unlike most other equivalent software, DVDFab 9 is quite light on the system resources. This is because the different components of the software act independent to each other. It is available as a software download from the official DVDFab website.

In-depth analysis of DVDFab 9′s features

DVDFab 9 provides various options for movie discs, which can be copied to another DVD9 or compressed to a DVD5 at the expense of lower video bit rate. Menus and extras can be customized or removed as per the taste of the user. Region codes of the discs can be changed and CSS encryption can be removed from DVDs, thus allowing the contents to be copied multiple times and stored at any region of the world. The built in Media Player allows all options available in other DVD players and allows custom configuration support. The DVD Writer is a simple tool that is easy to manage and implement. The Blu-Ray Ripper is a new feature that can encode a high quality Blu-Ray video to a simpler format with lower size and bit rate. Normal 2D videos can be converted to stereoscopic 3D videos for watching on 3D HDTVs. The application of 3D and its depth is measured by an internal algorithm that DVDFab 9 uses in its encoder. IF you went by this then Click Here.


1. Write any content to blank DVDs or simply copy movies.
2. Copy any DVD to another disc or compress a DVD9 movie disc for storage in DVD5.
3. Blu-Ray Ripper allows encoding a Blu-Ray movie with other quality and size for storage in another format.
4. Inbuilt video converter for converting videos to and from any format.
5. The ability to convert 2D videos to 3D.5. The inbuilt CSS decrypt or tackles any DRM system and allows any disc to be copied. 6. Region codes can be changed to play any disc at any place.
7. Retrieve and read content from scratched DVDs.
8. Support for multiple languages.

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