Google Chrome 2017


Google Chrome 2017

Google Chrome 2014 Download Got Better

Google Chrome 2014 is even faster and more secure than previous versions. This innovative web browser can be accessed from any computer, and is easy to use. Users can customize settings and preferences, and even organize bookmarks. With the new Google Chrome 2014, internet browsing  is even faster and easier.

Easy to Use

One of the reasons for the popularity of Google Chrome 2014 is its easy to use features. Simple tabs easily display all of the information, and can be arranged with a quick click of the mouse. Create shortcuts and arrange favorites all from the same user box, and manage all of your open tabs easily. A help center is also available to handle any problems or questions, along with an online community of fellow software users.

Fast and Secure

Google Chrome 2014 is faster than other internet browsers with a higher level of security of users protection. The software updates automatically and will warn against any vicious malware. Google Chrome 2014 also uses sandboxing, which prevents any malware from attacking after a tab has been closed. Users can also use the software’s masking feature which won’t track the browsing history. Cookies and passwords will also be automatically deleted when the browser has been closed.

Key Features of Google Chrome 2014

The new version is even faster and more secure, and is easy to use. Keep tabs and bookmarks organized, and access the browser from any location. Google Chrome 2014 also features,

1. Was designed to work specifically with the web for more speed.
2. Easy to use layout.
3. Can prevent and remove malware before it attaches itself.
4. Includes a task manager to show which programs are running.
5. Privacy browsing allows users to search without leaving a history.
6. Users have access to an online help and support community.
7. Flexible software that lets users customize their options.
8. The browsing software can be used with Windows OS and Vista.

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